YAD Private School & Kindergarten will be recognized as a provider of top-quality education to a highly diverse student body. It will strive to help all students both in Kindergarten & School achieve their full potential, prepare all students for success in college, equip them with the ability and desire for lifelong learning, and strengthen their civic, ethical, and moral values. The school will maintain high standards of efficiency and accountability throughout its operation.
YAD Private School will provide a well-round education based on the Mastery of English & Mathematics. Our School system will be in English and this will help the student in both Kindergarten and School to acquire a second language.
The Academic Teachers will be teaching the students in Logical reasoning and Critical Thinking. The Teachers will also be preparing the students for the future of Education in Secondary Schools, Colleges & University.
At YAD Private School we want the best for our child. Our main goal is Future Education. That is why our main focus is the future for our students.


YAD Private School teacher’s objectives is to teach the students the aspect of learning, to understand the life outside the school, to learn new things as the student grows and prepare the students for secondary school and university.


YAD Private School provides the syllabi for all classes and the means to measure student attainment through independent assessments thus enabling the teachers to be accountable. Students are, of course, accountable as well. Their academic achievement is measured frequently, and a record of each student’s involvement in activities is kept in Student’s Folder.


YAD Private School student must behave as if the are at home with their parents. They must understand to respect the teachers and school administration. YAD Private School wants the best for our students.


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