Here is main required apps for your Yad School system liability 

1- Zoom App for windows for online study meetings.
_ Zoom App for android for android mobiles.
_ Zoom app for Ipad and Iphone devices.

2- AnyDesk App for windows for remote support.

3- Chrome App for windows for best system access.

4- Auto Site Reloader extension for chrome on PC.

5- Yad School IOS app IOS v10+ 7,8,x,11,12 mobiles iPads.

6- Yad School Android app android v4+ all android mobiles / Pads.

7. Yad School Windows app 32/64 bit for windows 7/8/10.

8. Yad School Mac app Source code for all mac PCs.


Staff Tutorial Files 

1- Click to download training for teachers. DOCX file.
1- Click to download training for students. DOCX file.
* Parents can create accounts and get information by visiting Yad School.

How to use 

1- Simply login to your account, consider the basic structure as it is fully integrated with Yad school academic system.
2- Restore your password if you lost it on this website only, not supported on mobile apps, a link will be sent into your inbox and follow the instruction to set a new password.
3- Account settings, once you signed in, you can check and change your credentials and details.
4- If you are a parent, go to sign up, register an account and link with your child, we will review and confirm you, you can see your child related class activities.
5- You can always ask help from school system representative, and you can ask technical support by sending an email to ( ) And contact Yad School for any information at ( ).

* This Platform is copyrighted for Yad School, and designed by Aimax Agency with its partners, developers. And included markets. for more information please visit Aimax website: Aimax Agency

High Resolution Yad School Logos

1- Kindergarten with yellow BG PNG Download
2- Primary School with red BG PNG Download
3- High School with blue BG PNG Download

4- Main Yad Private School logo PNG Download 

5- and Click here  to download entire Yad-Logo-Package zip file for media and printing solutions.

Good Luck!


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